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Family Support Fund

Angelman Syndrome Association Australia (ASAA) maintains a Family Support Fund to provide financial assistance to families supporting individuals with Angelman syndrome during periods of acute and exceptional need.

Occasionally we provide support to other Angelman syndrome organisations to support families impacted by life-threatening natural disasters or war.

These funds are made possible through fundraising and generous donations to ASAA. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the Family Support Fund and how you can make a difference to families in need.


  1. Recipients must be a caregiver (legal guardian, primary caregiver, etc.) for an individual diagnosed with Angelman syndrome
  2. Request must directly benefit an individual with Angelman syndrome and their family
  3. Request must be due to an exceptional need/crisis including:
    1. direct impacts of natural disasters resulting in loss of property/housing or lack of essential care etc. – e.g. fires, floods, storms, cyclones
    2. extenuating family circumstances – e.g. serious vulnerability due to violence/crime
    3. serious illness diagnosis of carer or sibling impacting informal/family supports
    4. serious health impact of a person with AS requiring temporary relocation to access critical care (e.g. ICU in a capital city)
    5. serious health impact of a person with AS requiring long stay in hospital and significant family disruption
    6. death of a person with Angelman syndrome
  4. The issue cannot be adequately supported through existing government and/or support organisations (e.g. NDIS, Centrelink, Carers Gateway, Health, Education, Insurance Provider etc.).  For ongoing issues the ASAA Committee will support the family to engage with appropriate services for additional assistance.


  • Payments for families are limited to $500 per person with Angelman syndrome per issue/event/situation. 
  • Where multiple issues are occurring at the same time, the ASAA Committee may exercise its discretion to consider additional funding.

Nomination and Approval Process

  1. Anyone can nominate a recipient for support however a description of the issue is required and on occasion, additional evidence may be sought.
  2. Applications are submitted through email to the ASAA Committee – info@angelmansyndrome.org
  3. All decisions are subject to availability of funds held by ASAA. All decisions by the Committee are final.
  4. ASAA will directly contact the recipient family to arrange payment into a nominated bank account.

What Support is available to me?

We are fortunate in Australia to have two dedicated organisations working together to provide support for the Angelman syndrome community.

ASAA) is focused on providing systemic advocacy, family support for the day-to-day aspects of living with Angelman syndrome and raising awareness of the syndrome, while the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics Australia (FAST) is focused on funding and supporting research and initiatives that lead towards treatments and therapeutics.

Both organisations work collaboratively to advocate for our loved ones.

Learn more about our collaboration here 


Support in your State​

ASAA have family representatives who have lived experience of Angelman syndrome across the country. 

Meet our National Committee and contact your state representatives here

Some States also have state-based Angelman syndrome associations in addition to the national ASAA.

Support in your State​