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ASAA Membership

Every new member of the Angelman syndrome Association Australia (ASAA) strengthens our advocacy for people with Angelman syndrome in Australia and their families.

Your membership boosts our voice, raises our profile, increases awareness of Angelman syndrome, and guides our activities and strategic direction.

Benefits of Membership

The members of ASAA:

  • Belong – you will belong to a community dedicated to supporting people with Angelman syndrome and their families
  • Advocate – your membership strengthens ASAA’s voice when advocating for better outcomes for people with Angelman syndrome 
  • Learn – you can receive our communications as they are published and stay up-to-date on rapidly changing reforms, issues, policy and government programs which directly affect people with Angelman syndrome
  • Direct – you can participate in surveys and consultations to help drive the direction of policy in Australia that affect people with Angelman syndrome
  • Vote – you can vote at our AGM, focus the direction and priorities of ASAA, and apply for a position on our Committee
  • Participate –  you can join local and national membership events and conferences.

We have two categories of membership – Full Membership and Associate Membership

All Members are invited to attend the ASAA Annual General Meetings (AGMs), however, only Full Members have voting rights. Associate Members benefit from all of the categories of benefit listed above with the exception of voting at the AGM.

In line with the ASAA constitution, the ASAA Committee approves all membership applications. 

Who can join?


Available to: Immediate family members (parents/step-parents, siblings/step-siblings) and carers/guardians of a person with Angelman syndrome. 

Cost: FREE.


Available to: Extended family members, friends, disability support workers, healthcare professionals, researchers and educators. Membership is also available to extended family, and healthcare professionals, researchers and/or educators and other stakeholders.

Cost: $50 per year (incl. GST). A payment form will be emailed to prospective members after they complete the online membership form with options for a 1-year or 3-year membership. 

How do I apply?

 You can also contact us:  


Privacy Policy

All information gathered about members is maintained in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Join the ASAA Committee

Full members of ASAA can nominate for positions on the ASAA Committee, and play a leading role in shaping the strategic direction of the ASAA.

These include Executive roles (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary), State Representatives, and General Committee members. 

Nominations are sought ahead of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

To nominate, complete the online Committee Nomination Form. 

You can also contact us:  

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ASAA highly values the contribution that volunteers can make to the work of our organisation. Volunteers can participate in small local projects or donate their time and services for specific areas of interest. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering with ASAA.


We raise funds in order to provide services and support for individuals with Angelman syndrome, and their families.

How can I help?

  • Make a tax deductible donation to our giving fund
  • Give a gift in memory or honour of a loved one
  • Donate a prize (goods, gift voucher or service) that we can use to fundraise further
  • Leave a gift in your Will to Angelman Syndrome Association Australia 
  • Attend, host or nominate Angelman Syndrome Association Australia as the beneficiary of a fundraising event
  • Raise funds whilst participating in an existing challenge – walking, running or  bike riding – in our name.


All information provided by ASAA is done so in good faith. This information is not a substitute for independent professional advice. ASAA cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information given to members.